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The Advocate History of the Gay and Lesbian Movement by Mark Thompson. This large-format volume traces over 25 years of the gay and lesbian movement’s history through the pages of its foremost US newsmagazine, the Advocate. Going year by year, this volume offers a survey of major political, cultural, social, and medical events in the history of the gay and lesbian movement, as reported in the Advocate since its inception in 1967. Each year receives a single chapter and readers from a time when  gays were for the most part unorganized and deep in the closet, to 1992, when a vocal gay and lesbian movement helped elect Bill Clinton president.

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Evelyn Waugh and the Secrets of Brideshead. By Paula Burn. A terrifically engaging and original biography about one of England’s greatest novelists, and the glamorous, eccentric, debauched and ultimately tragic family that provided him with the most significant friendships of his life and inspired his masterpiece, Brideshead Revisited.This brilliantly original biography unlocks for the first time the extent to which Waugh’s great novel encoded and transformed his own experiences. In so doing, it illuminates the loves and obsessions that shaped his life, and brings us inevitably to a secret that dared not speak its name.

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By Sean Brady. This important book is part of a new generation of historical research that challenges prevailing arguments for the medical and legal construction of homosexual identities in late 19th century Britain. Sean Brady demonstrates that British society could not tolerate the discussion necessary to form medical or legal concepts of "the homosexual". The development of masculinity as a social status is examined, for its influence in shaping societal attitudes towards sex and sexuality between men and fostering resistance to any kind of recognition of these phenomena.

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Neil Miller. OUT OF THE PAST: Gay & Lesbian History from 1869 to the Present. paperback.
In this thoroughly updated and revised edition, Neil Miller chronicles gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender lives beginning in1869 when the concept of homosexuality was invented.

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A Century of Male Relationships in Everyday American Photography by John Ibson. These photographs, spanning from before the Civil War to the 1950s, reveal a lost world. They show men comfortably sitting on each other's laps, embracing, holding hands, and expressing their various relationships through countless examples of simple physical contact. Rather than imposing contemporary notions of sexuality by assuming the images only illustrate a portion of the gay past, John Ibson returns them to their own time to examine what they meant to the subjects. His perspective unearths a hidden aspect of American men's history.

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By Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince. One hot summer night in 1945, three young writers came together for the first time. Each member of this pink triangle – Tennessee Williams, Gore Vidal and Truman Capote – was on the dawn of fame. They remained competitively and defiantly provocative throughout their writing careers. Initially hailed by critics, each of them would later be attacked for their contributions to literature. From the night they met emerged betrayals that evolved into the most flamboyant rivalries in literary history, and which have only been revealed in this extraordinary book. This book exposes their literary slugfests and offers an intimate look at their relationships with the glitterati - everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Jacqueline Kennedy and Marlon Brando.

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By Simon Gage, Lisa Richards, and Howard Wilmot. Published in 2002, Boy George provides a foreword to a unique celebration of homosexual experience from the frivolous to the deadly serious as a wide variety of contributors examine the history, struggles and influence of the gay community - along with a superb photographic archive.

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The Perils and Pleasures in the Sexual Metropolis, 1918-1957 By Matt Houlbrook. With extraordinary precision, Matt Houlbrook maps the history of queer sociability in London during the first half of the 20th century with significant and surprising results. From the dockside pubs and river steps of the East End to the glittering Long Bar of the Trocadero; from the Savoy Turkish Baths in Jermyn Street to the stinking cast-iron urinals on Fair Street in Bermondsey, Houlbrook’s narrative meanders across a capital city as protean as the middle-class men and working-class boys who lived and lusted, loved and (more often than not) loitered and lost within it.

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By Eric Berkowitz. At any given point in time, some forms of sex were condoned while others were punished mercilessly. Jump forward or backward a century or two (and often far less than that), and the harmless fun of one time period becomes the gravest crime in another. This book tells the story of the struggle throughout the millennia to regulate the most powerful engine of human behaviour. The cast of this book is as varied as the forms taken by human desire itself: royal mistresses, gay charioteers, medieval transvestites, lonely goat-lovers, prostitutes of all stripes, London rent boys. Each of them had forbidden sex, and each was judged – and justice, as Berkowitz shows, rarely had much to do with it. With the light touch of a natural storyteller, Berkowitz spins these tales and more, going behind closed doors to reveal the essential history of human desire.

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By B. R. Burg. Historian B. R. Burg investigates the social and sexual world of these sea rovers, a tightly bound brotherhood of men engaged in almost constant warfare. What, he asks, did these men, often on the high seas for years at a time, do for sexual fulfilment?

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THE DILLY: A History of Piccadilly Rent Boys

By Jeremy Reed.Piccadilly Circus has long been London’s principal location for selling sex and this is the first book to really explore the history of male prostitution at “The Dilly.” Dating from Oscar Wilde’s notorious use of the location for pick-ups through to Francis Bacon’s equal attraction to rough trade and right up to recent history, this is a pioneering piece of counterculture history. Reed maps out Soho’s submerged gay clubs and drinking-rooms in the decades before de-criminalisation, through to the 1990s, when online male escorts replaced rent boys on the Piccadilly railing.  

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By James Davidson. James Davidson asks us to forget everything we thought we knew about the intimate culture of the Ancient Greeks and start again from scratch. The result is an engrossingly rich and diverse picture of Greek love which takes in bizarre Spartan sex-acts, recently discovered paintings and fragments of broken text, and throws new light on Greek civilization as a whole.

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Vintage Portraits of Love and Pride. Gay Couples in the Early Twentieth Century. By Sebastien Lifshitz. A charming collection of vintage photos of gay couples (both lesbian and gay men) privately and often secretly celebrating their relationships. This volume is a unique collection of photographs from 1900 to 1960. While this is a time many now regard as the deeply closeted “dark ages,” these images show gay couples who were clearly out (at least for a moment) -some camping it up for the cameras or in drag, while others in loving or clearly domestic poses. These photographs were discovered and collected by the author at flea markets and garage sales, the names of the subjects and their photographers lost to time.

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By Tsuneo Watanabe & Jun’icha Iwata. An intriguing and lively study that uncovers the deeply embedded cultural traditions of homosexuality in Japanese society. From the love of Buddhist monks for their male servants; to the routine prostitution of actors and the adoption of women’s roles by men in the theatre, and through to the philosophy of Shudo, an essential component of the samurai ethic in which the future samurai must first be loved by an adult male, then himself love a young man before eventually marrying a woman.

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By Mary Renault. More has been written about Alexander the Great than any other figure in history. Like his boyhood hero, Achilles, he traded long life for lasting fame. King of Macedonia before he was twenty, Alexander went on to become the greatest conqueror of the ancient world, inspiring legends in his lifetime and after his death. Every age has interpreted him to suit their own values: either as a ruthless destroyer who eliminated all those who stood in his path, or as a far-sighted statesman pursuing a civilizing mission for the world.

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