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The photographers of Blue magazine bring you nude portraits of everyday Australian guys in their own homes, backyards and favourite places.

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By Amos Badertscher. A  unique presentation of photographs by Amos Badertscher. These portraits - many accompanied by poignantly revealing, hand-written narratives about their subjects - represent a sector of Baltimore that has gone largely unnoticed and rarely has been documented. In this volume, the assemblage of images of bar and street people - transvestites, strippers, drug addicts, drag queens, and hustlers - spans a twenty-year period from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s.

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This collection of erotic art features over 500 erotic portraits of male nudes, some of them tastefully explicit, from some of the world’s leading photographers - both men and women. This stunning collection brings together the best work, in both black-and-white and colour images, of over 50 different artists from all over the world.

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SELF-EXPOSURE: The Male Nude Self-Potrait

By Reed Massengill. The nude self-portrait is perhaps the most intimate form of photography. Self-Exposure features more than 100 works from both established and up-and-coming photographers. Each artist takes a uniquely individual approach ranging from the shockingly perverse and aggressively erotic to the elusively self-conscious and sublimely beautiful. Complete with brief biographies of each artist, Self-Exposure is a powerful survey of this most seductive subject.

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MALE NUDES - Francois Rousseau

Photography by Francois Rousseau and text by Philippe Castetbon. The idea of a bruised soul shows on their skin and in their eyes, a mere nothing that can suddenly make men, even strong athletes of hypnotic beauty, totally vulnerable. You will find acrobats, dancers, boxers, experts in Yamakasi, fine cuisine and Buddhist meditation included in this book. Some of the men have tattoos, scars, shaved heads, long hair or even dreadlocks. Some of them are sylphlike, and others are built like Greek statues...

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Vintage Porn Covers. Long before videos conquered the market, magazines were the medium for gay porn. Most of them were self-published — quick and on the quiet. The cover designs were manifold: bracing on the one hand, daring on the other hand, but always entertaining. Heavy Traffic presents the funniest, wittiest and oddest porn covers of this era and takes us on a journey to the early years of gay erotica; a trip that insightfuly illustrates the changes that our sexuality has undergone during the last decades. This selection of porn covers from the 60s, 70s and 80s is a true treasure.

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Photographs by Peter Werner. A gay homage to great women, this photographic collection captures men in drag who are taking a bow to their best-loved idols. A beautiful expression of adoration, Me and My Idol is creative, colourful and shrill. It is a wonderful tribute to fan favourites, such as Grace Jones, Liz Taylor, Madonna, Eva Perron and Marilyn Monroe - with before and after comparisons that are pretty often astounding!

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After Turnon: Tattoo, Turnon: Sport, and Turnon: Muscles comes a new addition to the series - Turnon: Gear, which is packed full of photographs of men in (and partly in and out of) gear such as lycra and industrial textiles, rubber, sportswear and underwear. A compilation of nearly 200 images by 26 different photographers including: Tom Bianchi, Mark Henderson, Joan Crisol, Joe Oppedisano, Dylan Rosser, Patrick Mettraux among many others.

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MASSES OF MALE FLESH. A muscled man radiates strength of purpose, assertiveness and lots of sex appeal. Following the success of the previous anthologies Turnon: Tattoos and Turnon: Sports, Turnon: Muscles continues the series with this stunning new photo compilation. A handpicked selection of the best picture by renowned photographers brings the male body as a piece of art into the spotlight.  

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BRAVE - Men & Fetish

Men & Fetish. An impressive collection of over 200 photographs by various artists who, here, present their individual ideas on the topic of gay men’s fetishism. 256 pages that fire our fantasies with images from leathermen to rubbered-up sex pigs.

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Who could imagine that there would ever be a coffee-table book dedicated to this life-giving stuff! Nobody would exist without sperm. Keeping this in mind, the lack of attention given to the milky secretion by artists worldwide is actually rather surprising. Well, here is... C.U.M. ...a collection of pictures and drawings dedicated to the hot stuff – and it’s just as horny as it is brilliant. 58 different artists and photographers guarantee an aesthetic approach – no matter how juicy the topic.

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Watch how they follow you around the room! It’s hard to imagine a book that could beat The Big Penis Book for grabbing your attention, unless it would be those same images of unimaginably colossal men seen in breathtaking 3D. This special edition includes 96 images from the original book, plus 8 new bonus photos, transformed into eye-popping 3-D by Jon Schnitzer and The Brain Factory, the geniuses whipping up special effects for filmmakers such as Tim Burton. There is a revised introduction, new layout, and a pair of red/blue anaglyph glasses included

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Images by various photographers. Usually most of us are too lazy to do it as often as we should - but nevertheless sport is an essential part in the lifes of many gay men; after all one wants to stay healthy and in good shape. And there’s even more to it: Sport and what’s associated with it - muscles, endurance and physical challenges - are a fetish for a lot of men.

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By Various photographers and artists. A big and beefy collection by a variety of photographers and artists - all proudly showing off their love of hairy men. Bears and Cubs dominate this collection along with a smattering of muscle. Fur - The Love of Hair offers you sexy men en masse — and the pictures are complemented by informative and entertaining texts by Ron Suesha (editor of the erotic anthologies: Bear Lust and Bearotica), and Scott McGillivray (editor of Bear and 100% Beef magazine)..

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PORN From Andy Warhol to X-Tube

Hardback Edition. By Kevin Clarke. The history of porn is an exciting story. It has come a long way from the discreet beginnings in the early 1960s to pay-per-minute porn which we can see directly on our screen at home. Porn - From Andy Warhol to X-Tube leads us through the decades. It not only shows us how the industry developed but also how the porn stars themselves have changed. From Pop Art to homemade 10-minute porn videos that are uploaded onto the  x-tube website, from dark cinemas to glamorous galas, the world is porn!

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